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Read your email aloud.

If you are struggling with phrasing an email or you are writing an important email, try reading your email aloud to yourself. Reading aloud has many potential benefits. When people read silently, they often read quite fast and can skim … Continue reading

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How to use paragraphs

A massive block of text is just no fun. Instead, try using paragraphs. Breaking up the content of your message into more manageable sections will make your email easier to read and to understand. Plus paragraphs can help bring structure, … Continue reading

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Collecting Email Addresses

Maybe you just met someone new – a colleague, a friend, a potential lover – and you would like to contact them again in the future. Get their email! Asking In a professional setting, the two of you will likely … Continue reading

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How to end an email

There are a number of expressions you can use to end an email. Professional Email Endings Sincerely Best regards Best wishes Thank you Many thanks Thank you for your consideration Thank you again Regards Casual Email Endings Thanks Cheers Best … Continue reading

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Have you ever opened a blank email and wondered- What do I say??! Never fear! Before Hitting Send will help you. Check here on Mondays for straightforward ideas and concrete advice on how to do email better. Before Hitting Send is not just … Continue reading

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